Please contact us by email, not by phone. There is no staff who can make a foreign language at the front desk of our hotel, but we carefully hospitate. Thank you very much.

Please use a convenient direct shuttle bus to Shin Umeda tranining center.

From June 1, 2023, the shuttle bus (free) between the Shin-Umeda Training Center and Osaka Station will operate regularly.

(↓ Click here for the timetable)

From JR Osaka station, 5 minutes by direct bus

5 minutes by direct bus from JR Osaka station to Shin Umeda Training Center [Departs every 20 minutes].
As soon as you get out of Osaka station Sakurabashi Gate, the bus leaves from under the elevated.

English the map

Shuttle bus stop

JR Osaka Station Shuttle Bus Stop Map
Access from JR Osaka Station Sakurabshi Gate

JR Osaka station "Sakurabashi Gate" the ticket Gate and turn right. Cross the pedestrian crossing and proceed to the right on the sidewalk. As you advance the guard to 2/3, there are bus stops common to several companies.
(※※ Click the photo to enlarge)

  • 1. Please turn right at Sakurabashi Gate.
  • 2. Go straight ahead and you will go outside.
  • 3. Please cross the pedestrian crossing and turn right before entering the shopping street.
  • 4. Please go straight under an overpass.
  • 5. Proceeding 2/3 of the guard there is a bus stop common to several hotels. Please check the timetable.
  • 6. A bus written as "新梅田研修センター(Shin Umeda Kenshu Center in Jagapese / Shin Umeda Training Center in english)" comes.

※ Please be informed that it may change the operating hours.
※ There is another famous hotel bus stop on the near side, but the bus of the Shin UmedaTraining Center crosses the signal and is crossed to the sidewalk. Please be careful.

From June 1, 2023, the shuttle bus (free) between the Shin-Umeda Training Center and Osaka Station will operate regularly.

Shuttle bus between Shin-Umeda Training Center and Osaka Station (free)
Depart from JR Osaka Station Sakurabashi Exit Underpass Depart from Shin-Umeda Training Center Osaka
8:00 00  20  40 8:00 08  28  48
9:00 00  20  40 9:00 08  28  48
10:00 00         10:00         48  
11:00 00  20  40 11:00 08  28  48
12:00 00  20  40 12:00 08  28  48
16:00 00  30 16:00 12  42
17:00 00  30 17:00 12  42
18:00 00  30 18:00 12  42

By train

The nearest stations are JR Osaka Station / Umeda Station of Hankyu · Hanshin · Subway, or Fukushima Station of JR Loop Line.
By train

From Kansai Airport

For train

There are three routes from Kansai to our hotel, bus and train 2 routes. Even if you ride in the Nankai or JR, you can come to Osaka station.
In the case of the Nankai Line, please change from Shin-Imamiya to the Osaka Loop Line and come to Osaka Station. Or change to Osaka Metro Midosuji line from Namba station and come to Umeda station.

From Kansai Airport

From Osaka Airport

From Shin-Osaka Station

For train

If you move from Shin-Osaka to Osaka station, you can use both JR and Osaka Metro Midosuji line. However, the fare is cheaper for JR, and transfer from Shinkansen is also convenient.

From Shin-Osaka Station

By car

By car
About parking lot
  • I'm sorry we do not accept reservations for parking lots. It will be in order of arrival.
  • The parking fee will be 1,500 yen per night (from 16: 00 until the next 11:00).
  • From 11:00 to 16:00 after check out the next morning, you will receive an extension fee of 300 yen per hour.
  • Parking fee for 1 day will be generated if it exceeds 16 o'clock on the checkout day.
  • You can not move your car in and out from 23: 00 until 7:00 the next day.
  • Because of the multi-storey parking space, there is a height limit. (1550 mm in height, 1850 mm in width) Wagon is not possible.
  • The hotel staff must assist you when you put in or out of the car. Please be sure to call the front desk of the training building.

Actually, coin parking near the hotel is cheaper, convenient and recommended than the parking lot of our hotel.
There are many coin parking near our hotel.
Please come by car on the day and ask about the parking lot at the front desk of the first floor of the training building.
We can also inform you of the location of the coin parking near the hotel.



Shin Umeda Training Center
(Shin Umeda Kenshu Center in Japanese)
Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Fukushima-ku, Fukushima, 6-22-20

  • We do not have the staff who can answer calls in English in our hotel.
    Please contact us by email.

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